The Collective (CDEX) ICO Review

The Collective (CDEX) ICO Review

The crypto market is also growing as new tokens are added to the market every day. At the beginning of 2018, the market reached a volume of over US $ 750 billion. At the moment, this value fell to $ 100 billion, but I think it is a temporary decline.

Compared to market growth, there is no significant improvement in the crypto stock exchanges. Why do you invest in crypto coins? You can use them as auxiliary token for operations on different platforms. In most cases, you can keep them for profit and sell at a higher price. You can choose to trade crypto money. Sometimes you could spend crypto money in online stores. How can you manage all these tasks? To manage them, all crypto currencies users need:

→ Central and decentralized crypto exchanges

→ Secure wallets that support these crypto exchanges and coins

That’s where Collective comes in. Collective is a combination of a CDEX Decentralized Exchange and TraderOne Center Exchange that allows each user to easily process their digital assets. This is only an introduction to the Collective. I’il tell you the details below.

Collective is a Fintech company based in Guernsey. The heart of the ecosystem is a community management company dedicated exclusively to the ICO and management. There is also a fully functioning, globalized decentralized market for Ethereum-based tokens, CDEX.

The next element is TraderOne central stock market. TraderOne will be a robust trading platform for all kinds of digital assets trading.

The CollectiveGO game is also one of the other elements of the platform. CollectiveGO is an augmented reality experience supported by our local card and made money through various digital currency advertisers.

the collective ico cdex ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Finally, the platform that explains the plans for The Collective Global Initiative, The Collective Global Initiative, aims to create generic best practices for the entire industry, while providing creative ways to unify our core economy, to unite our creative economy, and to ensure our communities are safe for everyone in the crypto field. benefit.

They offer Social Development Token (CDEX) as part of our efforts to finance and improve our efforts and future efforts.

Its unique experiences and ecosystems have been positioned to offer the most comprehensive solution on the market to deliver a successful ICO through strategic partnerships.

Developers are committed to providing high quality services. Extremely responsive and varied levels of support, education, community development and interaction among multimedia channels. The project team will inform their customers about the latest market news. The services are tailored to any customer needs.

Token and ICO Information:

Features and use of CDEX token;

The Collective team developed an ERC-20 compatible token, known as CDEX Token. This token is an auxiliary buckle that can be used for transactions in CDEX and TraderOne stock exchanges. It has the following features.

Token Name: CDEX Token

Coin Symbol: CDEX

Total Token :

Decimal: 8

Token Type: ERC-20 compatible token

the collective ico cdex ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Token has the following use cases;

Usage on CDEX Exchange:

If you have a CDEX token, you will receive a 50% discount on the transaction fees.

Usage on TraderOne Exchange:

If you have a CDEX token, you will earn loyalty rewards on the exchange.

New projects and tokens emerge. Many are failing because they don’t have real world and block chain based application. CDEX Token has strong use in both CDEX and TraderOne Stock Exchanges. Therefore, as the demand and usage of the exchanges increase, their value will increase.

I think this is a great project because it is trying to solve real world problems (lack of centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges) in the field of team crypto coins. Token has real use cases on both CDEX and TraderOne Exchanges. The community will hold a significant amount of token. (25% of the total coin supply). The team has a lot of products available for the moment. The great advantage for an ICO to be a ready-made product in their hands is that a project that is in such a ready state will keep putting it on in the days to come. I see future on this platform and I will continue to follow.









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  • 10 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 20:19

    In addition to offering a decentralized stock exchange option that is a safe alternative for the end user, it stands out as a powerful team that provides versatile support for ico owners. I hope it is a successful ico.

  • 11 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 08:29

    The Collective projesi tam anlamıyla bir platform oluşturma niyetiyle yola çıkmış. Bunu destekleyen bir çok unsur barındırıyor. Merkezi ve Merkeziyetsiz borsaları, bunlar için ortak token kullanımı, oyun projesi vs. derken platform genel anlamda ilgiyi hak ediyor.

  • 11 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 11:09

    The Collective projesi ekosisteminde farklı içerikler yer almaktadır. İnceleme için çok teşekkür ederim

  • 15 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 21:32

    The Collective aims to guide customers who want to use their platform on key strategies, partnerships, influencers, stakeholders and other factors to realize a successful community-oriented block chain company.

  • 16 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 00:34

    Collective is a combination of a CDEX Decentralized Exchange and TraderOne Center Exchange that allows each user to easily process their digital assets.

  • 16 Şubat 2019 tarihinde, saat 03:11

    The way they manage their own campaigns is important to me. If they provide services in Community Management, they must demonstrate that they have control over the community. I’m following closely.


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