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Hello Friends, In this article, I will talk about Honeypod project which is revealed to reach to internet which is one of the most important and most popular communication tools of our time.

About HoneyPod;

The project’s name is HoneyPod. You can use for websites. Its main task is to ensure that our devices are securely connected to the internet.

The versatility of this project is that Honeypod is a small device that connects to our home router and self-checks all the information flow, filters out malicious applications, various virus data, spam ads, and other nuisances that may adversely affect. In this way, Honeypod monitors the connections of all devices connected to the network in a secure manner, and also accelerates the communication processes and increases the data transfer rate at least twice.


Project provides complete online privacy and faster internet communication. It also rewards you to browse the web. With the use of Honeybox, all users receive a token password based on the usage amount of their Honeypods. Through promotional partners who connect to Honeypod, users will also receive a token. From your phone to your smart TV, you’ll be able to work on any device connected to the Internet.

A Honeypod for all devices in your home.

Honeypod can be used as an authentication system to buy both tokens and to purchase online services using the crypto currency. You don’t need to remove your wallet every time you want to get service, HoneyPod is paying for you quickly and safely.

The Honeypod system has implemented a system that allows you to observe your movements on the network and provide maximum protection. Honeypod connects to a user’s modem with a USB device and provides protection at the same time. With the VPN feature offered by the system, users can hide their identity by entering blocked websites in their country. Unsolicited ads will not be shown to users by the ad-hoc system developed by the Honeypod system itself. With high network speed and internet bandwidth, users can surf the Internet efficiently.

Honeypod System Features;

  • The  system does not require any download or application. Designed to adapt to all computers and devices with Plug and Play. Even people with no computer knowledge can easily use this system.
  • Users entering the Honeypod system can make any personal setting. With the multi-layer security structure of the Honeypod system, users can enter their own user boards. Here, users who control the instantaneous status of the network can interfere with problems such as network traffic.
  • Users can make black lists by blocking websites they don’t want. By filtering the content that children do not want to reach, their filtering systems provide maximum protection for users.
  • With platform, which has a private mining system, users can earn money for their loyalty. Users can earn money by viewing the ads advertised by Honeypod partners as they browse the web.
  • Users entering personal identification and credit card information in the Honeypod system’s own settings prevent this information from being used by third-party software. When any website or application tries to access users’ information, Honeypod informs users by warning.
  • With the instant tracking of the Honeypod system, you can see people and websites that are trying to access your system from the customer panel. This way, you can see which websites or hackers are trying to affect your computers.
  • The  system is not just for a computer or device. The system that connects to the modem only prevents external access to all devices from your computer to the mobile phone. Users can prevent children from entering unwanted sites by adding a child lock to various websites.
  • The internet data and cookies of all users are collected by various companies and sold to large advertising centers. Honeypod prevents these data from being collected and enables users to protect their personal data.

Details of ICO;

The project is a decentralized network where malicious software, websites and other third parties will be blocked. You are using HNY tokens to trade on this platform and buy products. The ICO price will initially be allocated to 1 billion token of US $ 0.05 per 1 HNY. At the same time, there will be several sales stages where the cost of tokens will decrease significantly due to the discounts offered and various promotions. The end date of sales is not known because sales will end immediately after collecting a hardcap of US $ 10 million.


The Internet today has influenced all our lives, at such a time the  project has been created as a project that enables people to access the Internet safely. I think a great idea has been transformed into a beautiful project and the availability is very high. I think every home and office needs a protection package that provides this kind of security.

You can use the links below to get more detailed information about the project.






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  • 8 Mart 2019 tarihinde, saat 21:17

    A functional device that can be used for safe internet. Very easy to use. It has plug and play feature. I think this project can hold. I’m following.

  • 9 Mart 2019 tarihinde, saat 22:30

    Blockchain will touch our lives. It will start with Internet first. And honeypod will be the key.

  • 10 Mart 2019 tarihinde, saat 10:28

    The Honeypod system has implemented a system that allows you to observe your movements on the network and provide maximum protection.

  • 10 Mart 2019 tarihinde, saat 15:35

    Thanks to the versatility of this project, Honeypod is a small device connected to our home router and is able to control the flow of all information by blocking malicious applications, various virus data, spam advertisements, and all other problems that could adversely affect the operation of our devices.

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